10 Features Developers No Longer Use In Their Games

Like everything else in the world, the video games industry is constantly changing and evolving. Industry trends, staples, and common practices often fade away and pass into memory, and in this feature, that’s what we’re talking about. We’ll be talking about ten things that were once hugely prevalent in games industry, but have now either becoming very rare, or have faded away completely.


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Technology keeps advancing at a rapid rate, which means developers constantly find themselves with new tools to create more ambitious and open games. One very particular byproduct of that in the last decade or so has been that artificial invisible walls that would prevent players from accessing areas in the world that should logically have been accessible are not nearly as common as they once used to be. Of course, we do still get some invisible walls, but thanks to games now being much more expansive than ever before, and the fact that developers have also gotten much better at masking what would once have been invisible walls, means that this is an industry trend that has disappeared almost completely.

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