10 Hated Video Game Characters We Actually Loved

Every so often, a video game character comes along that, for whatever reason, just rubs people the wrong way. Large numbers of people unite in their dislike for these characters, and things just snowball from there. But though we, too, are guilty of being annoyed by various characters in games to varying degrees, there are some that we feel have received far more flak than they deserve. In this feature, we’re going to talk about 10 such characters who’re largely disliked, that we actually don’t mind that much.

NOTE: There are spoilers ahead for most of the games we’ll be talking about, so if we begin discussing a game you don’t want spoiled, move on to the next entry.


mass effect 2

Mass Effect 2’s ensemble cast of characters is one of the greatest you’ll ever see in a video game. One character, however, is a bit underwhelming. Jacob, who is by Shepard’s side from the beginning of the game to the end, pales in comparison to his counterparts. There isn’t anything that’s particularly wrong with him, he’s just a bit… boring. But while that’s a fair criticism, viewed on his own merits, Jacob is a solid character. He has an interesting backstory, his interactions with Shepard and Miranda are always engaging, and his history with Cerberus adds a lot to the story. He’s no Garrus or Mordin, of course, but he isn’t too bad either.

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