11 Biggest Game Worlds in PlayStation Exclusives

When it comes to video games, bigger doesn’t necessarily have to mean better- but all too often, it does. PlayStation exclusives have always succeeded on multiple fronts, from gameplay to storytelling, but as they’ve gotten bigger, they’ve become that much more impressive. In this feature, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest game worlds we’ve ever seen in PlayStation exclusive titles.


marvel's spider-man miles morales

Insomniac Games’ first crack at an open world in Sunset Overdrive proved that the developer had a knack for this type of game, and then with Marvel’s Spider-Man (and, by extension, Miles Morales, which uses the same map), they took things to completely new heights. Spider-Man’s Manhattan is the biggest Insomniac map to day by far, and though there isn’t much that’s inherently special about the world itself from a design standpoint, the game’s excellent traversal mechanics pretty much single-handedly elevate it. You get to swing around in a vast open world as Spider-Man, and it feels amazing- what more could you want?

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