11 bit studios Celebrates 2 Million Copies of Moonlighter and 1 Million Copies of Children of Morta Sold

Children of Morta

11 bit studios has announced new milestones for two of its published games: Moonlighter and Children of Morta. The publisher announced over Twitter than over 2 million copies of Moonlighter have been sold so far, and over 1 million copies of Children of Morta have been sold.

The milestone comes in light of a new game announced by the publisher, dubbed Project Vitriol. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t elaborated on what Project Vitriol might entail. However, the company also kicked off a Publisher Sale on Steam, making its games available at a discount.

Both Children of Morta and Moonlighter are available at discounted prices as part of the ongoing sale as well.

Earlier this month, 11 bit studios also unveiled its own new game—The Alters. The game is set to be a classic sci-fi story centered on Jan Dolski, who finds himself stranded on an alien planet and must figure out a way to get home.

This way turns out being the creation of Alters—alternate versions of himself, each with his own personality traits and skills.

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