15 Best Moments in the Halo Series

Halo has had its fair share of ups and downs, but when Microsoft’s legendary franchise has been good (which isn’t an uncommon occurrence), it’s been the absolute best at what it does. That, of course, means that over the past twenty years, the series has showered players with many unforgettable moments that instantly burn themselves into our memories. Here, we’re going to be talking about a few such moments that have stood out to us the most. Given the sheer embarrassment of riches here, we’re obviously going to have to pick and choose and leave some stuff out, so if any omission stands out to you, sound off in the comments below.

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for all Halo games.


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It makes sense to start with this one. For millions of people out there, this is the moment that defines Halo, and it’s easy to see even now why this is such an iconic moment. After fighting your way through mazy corridors and cramped rooms aboard the Pillar of Autumn in Combat Evolved’s first mission, you then crash land on the mysterious Halo ring. And that moment when you first step out of the escape pod and lay your eyes on the majestic and alien beauty of the landscape and the ring that curves into the horizon in the distance- that’s a magical moment that will never be topped.

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