15 High-Risk Video Game Pre-Orders of 2020

The deluge of blockbuster releases is nearly upon us. Fall/Winter remains a highly anticipated time of the year due to massively hyped games, especially with how many titles were delayed to this window and next-gen consoles coming up. Hype and skepticism go hand in hand though and it’s always good to scrutinize the big releases in advance. So let’s take a look at 15 of the riskiest pre-orders of the year.

Marvel’s Avengers

marvel's avengers image

Where do we even start? Despite the iffy reveal and games-as-a-service trappings, Marvel’s Avengers looked somewhat more appealing in those War Table streams. Unfortunately, we were soured on the recent beta with its numerous bugs, repetitive mission design, lackluster enemies, boring loot and unstable multiplayer. Forget about Spider-Man being exclusive to PS4 and PS5 versions – right now, we’re worried about online play even being stable enough for launch.

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