15 Upcoming Exploration Games of 2021 and Beyond

Jumping into unique and immersive worlds and exploring every nook and cranny is an obvious allure of playing video games. It’s been one of gaming’s greatest hooks for as long as games have existed, and will continue to be for as long as the medium sticks around. In 2021 and beyond, there’s plenty of games coming out that are going to scratch that itch, and here, we’re going to talk about a few of them.


breath of the wild 2

After years of increasingly excessive handholding and linearity in Zelda games, Nintendo decided to let players completely lose in a vast, beautiful open world with Breath of the Wild, and it turned out to be an absolutely genius move on their part. Thanks to excellent world design, an unmatched sense of discovery and awe, and excellent systemic gameplay, exploration in Breath of the Wild was constantly exhilarating, and there’s little doubt that that’s going to be one of its sequel’s biggest strengths as well. It remains to be seen how many new areas and locations Nintendo will add to Hyrule with the upcoming sequel, but given the fact that it’s been in development for nearly four years at this point, one would assume that there’s going to be plenty of new stuff to discover.

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