15 Upcoming Video Game Sequels of 2021

It’s always exciting to see new video game properties come along with their fresh ideas, stories, and mechanics, but there’s an undeniable appeal to sequels and their promises of improving upon their predecessors and taking their potential to new heights. There are plenty of major sequels currently scheduled to launch in 2021, from major, established franchises to niche ones with their own dedicated fanbases, which means there’s quite a bit to look forward to for everyone. Here, we’re going to talk about fifteen such sequels.


halo infinite

Halo has been on something of a downward spiral ever since 343 Industries took stewardship of the series from Bungie, but with the upcoming Infinite, they’re looking to turn things around in dramatic fashion. Though it didn’t have the best gameplay showing last year, the fact that Microsoft and 343 were willing to delay it for an entire year to turn it into the game it needs to be is nothing but encouraging. With a more open-ended approach and a strong focus on ongoing, free-to-play multiplayer support, Halo Infinite has the potential to be something truly special.

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