9 Mistakes Every Player Makes in Open World Video Games

There’s always a lot going on in open world games- that’s the nature of the genre, after all, if it can be called a genre. And given how much players always have to keep in mind in these games, it’s natural, every so often, to do certain things that you realize only later on that you shouldn’t have done, or weren’t meant to do. Here, we’re going to speak about a few such things that, at one point or another, most of us have done in open world games, only to realize later that we probably shouldn’t have. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say.


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Going into a high-level area that you’re not meant to enter until much, much later in the game is almost something of a tradition in open world games. By their very nature, open world encourage exploration and curiosity, so it goes without saying that players will often stray from the path and head into areas that are not on the critical path. Of course, sometimes those areas turn out to be nightmarish deathtraps that require skills, abilities, or knowledge that you simply don’t have yet- which means you’re in for a good whooping. A very, very recent example of a game where this happens frequently is Elden Ring. In fact, at times, that game very much seems to be designed around just that.

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