9 Most Difficult Combos In Fighting Games

Fighting games aren’t for the weak of heart. Yes, you could hop into a game like Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball FighterZ or Street Fighter 5 and get by on some basic inputs. But properly mastering all the different combos and set-ups takes time. Then you have those combos which exist for no other reason than to destroy your motivation. Let’s take a look at 9 of them here.

Leona Trial 10 – The King of Fighters 13

[embedded content]

The Trials in The King of Fighters 13 represent a fine line between testing your skill and outright destroying your hand. Leona Heidern’s Trial 10 is a good example. It consists of 16 hits with the need to transition from a Moon Slasher to a Baltic Launcher by canceling out of the latter not once, not twice but three times in a row. Then you have to execute and cancel out of a Grand Saber run, perform the Moon Slasher to Baltic Launcher inputs again, execute a V-Slasher – an in-air Desperation Move that requires one directional quarter circle followed by a half-circle and either Low or High Punch – before ending with a Leona Blade Neomax, which is another quarter circle followed a half-circle into a Low or High Punch. Got all that? Naturally, you need to be frame perfect, especially with the cancels, to pull it off properly.

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