A Plague Tale: Requiem Guide – How to Craft, and All Craftable Ammo Types

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Much like the first game, A Plague Tale: Requiem has crafting. By gathering materials like Sulphur, Alcohol, Fabric, Resin, and Saltpeter, you can craft alchemical items, different types of ammo, and more. These materials are found throughout levels and in chests.

Unlike the first game, though, there are different ways to craft. You can quickly craft when holding a crossbow, sling, or jar, which is good when running low on ammo. The Weapon Wheel is also available and slows down time during the process. It’s a good way to check how much of each resource is available when crafting.

Here are the different ammo types that Amicia can craft:

  • Ignifer – Light embers and set tall grass and Tar ablaze. It requires one Rock, one Alcohol and one Sulphur.
  • Extinguis – Snuffs out any flames and creates smoke clouds to conceal you. It requires one Saltpeter and one Sulphur.
  • Odoris – Creates a smelly projectile that can attract rats to a targeted area. It requires one Alcohol and one Resin.
  • Tar – Slows down enemies. When thrown on a fire, it will amplify the source. You can also shoot Tar with Ignifer to set it ablaze. It requires one Episanguis and one Saltpeter.

Other items include Devorantis, which requires one Rock, two Saltpeter, and one Alcohol, and can melt enemy helmets. It opens them up to headshots with the crossbow.

You also have Somnum, which requires one Fabric, four Alcohol, four Saltpeter, and three Sulphur. It can instantly kill guards but must be used at extremely close range. Upgrading Containers allows for turning it into a projectile, though.

Finally, there’s Luminosa which can clear several rats from an area. It requires three Sulphur, four Saltpeter, four Alcohol and one Leather.

As for crafting upgrades for weapons and gear, you’ll need a workbench (unless you have the “Traveller Tools” upgrade). You’ll discover multiple workbenches throughout the game, along with Secret Chests which are hidden workbenches. The latter also contains Tools that are essential for upgrading items. For more details on their locations, head here.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is out now for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch (via the cloud). Check out our official review here. You can also read up on various tips and tricks here.

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