AEW: Fight Forever Guide – How To Farm Credits

aew fight forever

AEW Fight Forever’s in-game currency, known as Credits, are what you will be using to unlock the full roster of wrestlers in the game, among other things. Given the in-game pricing of unlockables, you can expect to be strapped for Credits more often than not. This AEW Fight Forever guide will help with pinning down the simplest, most effective methods to farm Credits.


As with most games these days, AEW will entice you to load up the game everyday with daily challenges. Weekly challenges also exist, for players with busy schedules. The latter confers a fairly large amount of Credits for relatively painless tasks. Dailies are valued at less than a grand, but still worth it, especially if done dutifully every single day. A third type of Challenge are just normal incentive-based tasks that are one-time only, but offer a heavy Credit injection into your finances.

Exhibition Match

Of all the modes in AEW, this one may be the most lucrative for Credit farming. Additionally, there is a Challenge involving participation in 100 Exhibition matches in order to unlock Owen Hart, providing the opportunity to both grind for money and an unlock simultaneously. 5-star finishes will gain you the most Credits for your efforts, so try to accomplish these using signature moves, weapons, and whatever else you have at your disposal.

Grind Other Modes

It might help to break up the monotony of Exhibition with the other modes such as Tag Team and Casino Battle Royale. Check out the badges and minigames, make a custom wrestler, and try Road to Elite, rather than hard grind towards wrestler unlocks.

That is everything there is to know about farming Credits in AEW Fight Forever.

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