Age of Empires 4 Event Planned for April 10 – Rumour

Series fans have reason to be excited, according to journalist Jeff Grubb.

age of empires 4

It’s been a while since Microsoft first announced Age of Empires 4, and given how long its been since the series went on its hiatus, it’s no surprise that the wait for the first new entry in years has been quite a torturous one. Nonetheless, development on the long-awaited real-time strategy title seems to be progressing well, and it looks like we might be getting our first look at the game in a long time very soon.

In a recently uploaded video, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb said that Microsoft is planning an Age of Empires-focused event on April 10, less than a month from now, and that it’s going to be announced “pretty soon.”

“If you are an Age of Empires, fan I would get excited,” says Grubb.

Recent reports have indicated that Microsoft has several events planned across the coming few months, leading into their E3 plans (including one as early as later this month), so this would definitely fall in line with that. If it does indeed happen and if Grubb is on the money with his information, we should be getting official word from Microsoft pretty soon.

Age of Empires 4 is currently in development for PC. Microsoft haven’t completely shut the door on an Xbox version, but remain committed to getting the game’s PC version right first and foremost.

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