Age of Mythology: Retold Announced for PC

age of mythology retold

Microsoft has done an excellent job of reviving the Age of Empires franchise, first with Definitive Edition re-releases for older entries and then with a brand-new instalment’s launch more recently with Age of Empires 4. But of course, while history is the bread and butter of Age of Empires, mythology holds a special place in fans’ hearts as well. Microsoft has previously suggested that Age of Mythology could come back in some fashion at some point, and now that has been officially unveiled.

During a recent livestream celebrating Age of Empires’ 25th anniversary, Microsoft announced Age of Mytholoy: Retold, an expanded Definitive Edition-style remaster of the beloved 2002 real-time strategy spinoff. The announce trailer (which you can check out below) doesn’t tell much, nor does it show any gameplay, but if past Definitive Edition releases of Age of Empires titles are anything to go by, we can probably expect significant upgrades, improvements, and content additions.

Age of Mythology: Retold is in development for PC, but it doesn’t yet have a release date. Microsoft has also unveiled Age of Empires Mobile, and announced that Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires 4 will be coming to Xbox consoles next year.

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