Alan Wake 2 Guide – How Long to Beat and How Many Chapters?

alan wake 2

Remedy Entertainment claims Alan Wake 2 is its biggest project yet, which is an understatement. With two playable characters (Alan Wake and Saga Anderson), large open areas to explore and a much bigger scope, it’s longer than your average story-focused game, especially when factoring in the collectibles. You can switch between Alan and Saga at almost any point and finish their story, but completing both arcs will reveal the bigger picture.

How long does it take to finish Alan Wake 2’s story? Let’s go over it.

How Long to Beat Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 requires about 20 hours or so to finish if you’re only focusing on the story. It’s early days, but HowLongToBeat indicates it’s possible to beat within 11.5 hours, perhaps by rushing through as quickly as possible.

Remember that you must play through both story arcs for Saga and Wake, the former focusing more on gathering evidence and investigation, putting it all together in her Mind Place. The latter is a mind-bending journey about escape, arranging scenes from his typewriter and illuminating the environment to reveal different paths.

How Many Chapters Are in Alan Wake 2?

There are two main arcs – Return, which stars Saga as she ventures through the real world and to locations like Bright Falls, and Initiation, featuring Alan Wake in The Dark Place. Here are all the chapters in the game.

Saga’s Chapters (Return):

  • The Cult
  • Invitation
  • Local Girl
  • No Chance
  • Old Gods
  • Scratch
  • Summoning
  • Deerfest
  • Come Home

Alan’s Chapters (Initiation):

  • Late Night
  • Casey
  • Haunting
  • We Sing
  • Room 665
  • Return
  • Masks
  • Zane’s Film
  • Gone

How Long to %100 Alan Wake 2?

There is a lot to do in the game if you stop and examine your surroundings. On top of completing the story, there are several collectibles to find. As Saga, you can discover Alex Casey Lunchboxes (which contain materials for upgrading weapons), Cult Stashes (require some puzzle solving), Nursery Rhymes (another puzzle type involving dolls) and Manuscript Pages (voiced by Alan and foreshadowing events).

When playing as Wake, there are Echoes which unlock scenes and Words of Power that grant perk points. Together with the main story, it should take about 30 hours or so to 100 percent complete the game. That will depend on your own playstyle and how long it takes to solve certain puzzles.

Is There New Game Plus?

New Game Plus is not available in Alan Wake 2 at launch. Instead, it’s coming in a post-launch update and lets you carry over weapons and upgrades into a new playthrough. However, there will also be a new difficulty and an “alternative” narrative with new Manuscript Pages and videos to discover. A release date is to be decided, but it will be worth revisiting the game once it goes live for more story content.

Alan Wake 2 is available now on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store. Check out our review and various tips and tricks here.

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