Alan Wake Remastered Could be Tweaked to Connect to Other Remedy Titles

alan wake remastered

Remedy Entertainment has made it abundantly clear by now that it plans on creating a larger universe that is shared by several of its games. There’s been talk of a Remedy Connected Universe in the past, while Control’s second expansion, AWE, was, of course, the developer’s first step toward making that a reality, by bringing Alan Wake into that expanded universe.

With Alan Wake Remastered coming up soon though, might we see Remedy go back and alter somethings so that it better connects with their other titles, and perhaps even furthers the universe? It’s possible.

Speaking with Axios, Remedy’s communications director Thomas Puha said that the upcoming remaster will remain largely unchanged as far as actual content is confirmed, but also suggested that it might have some connections to other Remedy titles. When asked the question, he said, “Definitely pay attention by playing the remaster, is what we’re going to say.”

We do know that Remedy Entertainment is currently working on a new AAA title that is set in the same universe as Control and Alan Wake. In fact, that game, which has now entered full production, has been heavily rumoured to be Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake Remastered launches on October 5 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out its PC requirements through here. Recent developments seem to suggest that the remaster could launch for the Switch as well- read more on that through here.

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