Aliens: Fireteam Elite Trailer Showcases Intense New Gameplay

Aliens Fireteam_02

While Back 4 Blood’s beta will return tomorrow, the full game isn’t out till October. So in the meantime, Cold Iron Studios’ Aliens: Fireteam Elite could prove a worthy diversion, allowing up to three players to tackle Xenomorph hordes in space when it releases in the coming weeks. Check out the latest trailer below to see some of the threats you’ll be facing.

Of course, the trailer serves another purpose – to push pre-order bonuses and the Deluxe Edition. Pre-ordering either the Standard or Deluxe Edition will provide access to the Hardened Marine Pack which provides additional accessories and kit skins. The Deluxe Edition contains the base game and Endeavor Pass, providing access to four post-launch seasons of content.

Said content includes new cosmetics like emotes, armor skins, weapon paint jobs and decals, head accessories, and much more. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is out on August 24th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and PC though it sadly won’t have cross-platform play. For more extensive gameplay footage, head here.

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