Among Us Developer Shares 2022 Roadmap

Among Us

Developer Innersloth, responsible for creating the hit multiplayer game Among Us, recently shared a lot of information in regards to what they have planned for the game in 2022.

The update comes via a dev blog on the Steam page of the game, sharing information regarding what players can expect from it this year. The dev team made it clear right off the bat that their priority as of now lies in adding the much requested friends list feature and the quality of life improvements the team planned for the game.

The dev blog then breaks down further plans, saying that the quality of life improvements specifically will target UX improvements, as Innersloth has been slowly adapting to the sudden popularity of the game and wants to ensure that aspects of the game flow are not confusing to understand.

Apart from the above, Innersloth also shared some more smaller details in regards to Among Us, such as the game getting a Nendoroid series of figurines (which are available for pre-order), free skins, a one-shot manga, which is slated to release in April of this year, and new merch available to purchase.

Innersloth also revealed that Among Us was the most downloaded game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in December, taking the #1 spot on both consoles, and that they will reveal more about Among Us VR soon.

Honestly, it seems the game will keep on growing in the future, as it is still one of the most-played online games out there. Here’s hoping Innersloth can keep this momentum going.

among us roadmap

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