Among Us Had Around Half A Billion Active Players In November 2020 – Superdata

That’s a lot of imposters.

among us

2020 has been a year like no other, that much is for sure. Most of that is because of terrible reasons, but there’s also just some oddities, with maybe the list being topped by Among Us and its surprise resurgence. The game was originally released in 2018, but due to streamers in 2020 has become a cultural hit, and is making its way on to more and more platforms. If you doubt that, well, some data is about to blow your mind.

Research firm Superdata showed that the game had “roughly” half a billion active users in November. Now, of course, keep in mind that the mobile version of the title is free, and even the PC and recent Switch version are only $5, so the barrier to entry here is very low. Still, that’s an incredible number for a single month. Superdata says this makes it the most popular game ever in terms of monthly players.

Among Us is available now on Switch, PC and all compatible iOS and Android mobile devices. The game will also come to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass sometime in 2021. A new map, called Airship, is also set to come sometime in 2021.

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