Apex Legends: Eclipse Launch Trailer Highlights Catalyst’s Abilities

Apex Legends - Eclipse

The next season for Apex Legends, Eclipse, starts on November 1st. Along with new features like Gifting, it introduces a brand new Legend – Tressa Smith, aka Catalyst. After Seer makes a deal that brings the Apex Games to Cleo, Boreas’ shattered moon, Tressa has to do everything possible to protect it. Check out the launch trailer below.

Catalyst is billed as a defensive Legend, who can use ferrofluid in several ways. She can seemingly project it overhead, throw it out to stop enemies in their tracks, and construct a massive wall. The wall appears to stop bullets, and any Legend that pushes through is slowed significantly, opening them up to damage.

Of course, we’ll have to wait for a full breakdown video to know the extent of her abilities. A gameplay reveal trailer is coming on October 24th, which should provide a look at the new map, Cleo. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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