Apex Legends: Eclipse Starts November 1st – New Legend Catalyst, New Maps, and More Revealed

Apex Legends - Eclipse

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the next season of Apex Legends, Eclipse, will begin on November 1st. It adds a new Legend, Tressa Smith, aka Catalyst, who can use ferrofluid to “manipulate the battlefield.” What this means is unknown, but she focuses on defense.

The latest “Stories from the Outlands” video offers some more backstory on how Tressa entered the Apex Games. As a transgender person who recently transitioned, Tressa and her friend embark sneak into Hammond Robotics’ restricted area to stop it from exploiting the moon, Boreas. Unfortunately, things go wrong.

While her friend’s fate is unknown, Tressa would enter the Apex Games, perhaps to save Boreas. The shattered moon appears to be the newest map players will compete on. Time will tell, but as usual, you can expect a new season of Ranked Play, a new Battle Pass, and much more. Stay tuned in the coming days for additional details on Catalyst’s abilities and what’s changing in the next season.

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