Apex Legends – Fight Night Collection Event is Live

Slight balance changes for certain Legends and weapons are also live.

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s newest event for Apex Legends is currently live. The Fight Night Collection Event places the focus on Pathfinder with a new arena where players fight to the death in melee-only combat. There’s also the Airdrop Escalation Takeover, which replaces the regular battle royale playlist.

The only difference is the abundance of Supply Drops which contain fully kitted out weapons of different rarities. New cosmetics are also available to earn along with new Heirloom for Gibraltar. But the latest update offers some slight balance changes to Legends like Rampart, Horizon and so on.

Rampart’s Amped Cover now has a 20 second cooldown instead of 30 seconds. Horizon’s Gravity Well, on the other hand, has had its cooldown increased from 16 to 21 seconds. The Hemlock has seen a damage decrease from 22 to 20 while the Prowler has seen an increase in reserve bullets. Even some of the Rings have seen a few changes. Check out the full patch notes here for more details.


There’s nothing too meta-shaking this time around; we’re giving Season 7 some extra time to shake out. Horizon released strong, but not overpowered. The below buffs are aimed at small power increases.


  • Amped Cover: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds


  • Gravity Lift: Increased effective cooldown from 16 seconds to 21 seconds



  • Decreased damage from 22 to 20.


  • Spread out 3rd/4th pellets to decrease max range of 4 pellet hits (was +/- 7.5 degrees, now +/- 10)


  • Reserve bullets increased from 175 to 210

Ring Update

In hopes of spreading out the chaos that can occur in final rings, we’re making some tweaks to Rings 5 and 6.

  • Ring 5 is bigger (1500 unit radius to 2000 unit radius). Time to close is the same.
  • Ring 6 is the last ring. It will slowly close over 100s somewhere near the center of Ring 5.

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