Apex Legends – New Animated Short Reveals Newcastle’s Identity

apex legends newcastle

Apex Legends’ next season, Saviors, begins on May 10th and will introduce a new Legend in Newcastle. Known as the “Hero of Harris Valley,” we received a brief look at his abilities in the launch trailer, shielding teammates from damage. However, in the latest “Stories from the Outlands” trailer, Newcastle’s identity is revealed.

As it turns out, Newcastle was someone else entirely – a celebrity who failed to qualify for the Apex Games time and time again (because of bad teammates, apparently). He also put the town of Harris Valley as collateral to the mob-like Forgotten Families in order to fund his entry. Jackson Williams, Bangalore’s brother, stumbles upon Newcastle getting his “shot” and offers to take his place so that Harris Valley isn’t torched to the ground.

So as it turns out, Jackson isn’t the actual “Hero of Harris Valley” but potentially someone better. Time will tell though especially with threats like The Downed Beast coming to Storm Point in Season 13. Stay tuned for more details and updates along with a proper showcase of Jackson’s abilities as Newcastle in the coming days.

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