Apex Legends Pre-Load is Live on Steam

Pre-load the battle royale shooter before Season 7: Ascension goes live.

Apex Legends Season 7

Keen on trying on Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends when it goes live on Steam today but can’t wait? There’s some good news – the free to play battle royale shooter can now be pre-loaded on Valve’s platform. By the time it goes live, one can hop in and starting playing rather than waiting.

Apex Legends’ Steam release coincides with the launch of Season 7: Ascension. It introduces a new map, Olympus, along with a new battle pass with over 100 new cosmetics. New mechanics like the Trident, a squad vehicle, have also been added (and even allows for utilizing some Ultimates).

But perhaps the biggest new addition this season is Horizon, the newest Legend. She’s a gravity specialist that can deploy a harness to either propel herself and teammates up to higher ground or trap enemies within for easy pickings. Horizon’s Ultimate opens up a black hole that sucks enemies into a fixed spot and is also good for defending against certain attacks.

Apex Legends’ Season 7 goes live today for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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