Ark 2 Is Xbox Series X/S Console Launch Exclusive In 2022; Vin Diesel Also Executive Producer

This man played 1000 hours of Ark.


There were plenty of announcements at this year’s The Game Awards that kept people talking, with the one that maybe was the most unexpected being the absolutely out of nowhere and bizarre reveal of Ark 2, featuring nonother than Vin Diesel. Considering the CG trailer and lack of any real details, no one was quite sure what to think, but now we know where it’ll land and how involved the Vin is.

In a news post from Xbox, it was revealed that the game would be a console launch exclusive for the Series X/S and is planned for a 2022 release. They said the trailer shown at TGAs was captured in-engine and showcased some features you can expect to see within the game itself. It also revealed that Vin Diesel was serving as a full Executive Producer besides starring in the game. That may seem random, but apparently he was a huge fan of the first title, logging over 1,000 hours into it, and some may know that Vin Diesel has been involved with game developer off and on throughout the years.

Ark 2 is set to release sometime in 2022 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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