Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Title Update 1.3.1 is Live With New River Raid Maps, Rune Perk Changes, and More

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The latest Title Update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is now live on all platforms, ranging fro 14.31 GB on PS5 to 34.05 GB on Xbox Series X/S. Patch notes for the same have also been released and reveal all of the new content that is available. Three new Rivers have been added to River Raids mode with Erriff, Rhine and Berbha, and defeating the Champions of Faith will bestow new weapons.

Five weapons have been added with this update including a short sword. Jomsviking Hall can also be upgraded to level 4-5, allowing one to hire troops of those levels. Cargo for the River Raid Longship can also be upgraded to level 4-5, and there are three new abilities that can be discovered (including Percussion Arrow, which staggers and damages any foes nearby when hitting an enemy shield).

Rune Perks have also seen some changes with Runes now only affecting the weapon they’re added to (with some stats like Fire Damage, Assassination Damage and so on continuing to be global). The cap on Perks and Rune Perks has also been removed, allowing certain effects to continuing stacking. Check out the full patch notes here for more details.


River Raids Update

  • Added 3 new Rivers to the River Raids game mode. (Erriff, Berbha, Rhine)
  • Face 2 River Champions and the new Champions of the Faith. Defeat them to get your hands on new weapons.
  • Added new rewards to River Raids (Lugh’s Armor and 5 weapons – including a short sword)
  • Jomsviking Hall can be upgraded to Level 4-5, allowing players to hire Jomsviking of Level 4-5, respectively.
  • Jomsviking of higher rank can carry more rations and do more damage to enemies.
  • River Raid Longship cargo can be upgraded to Level 4-5.

3 new abilities can be found in River Raids monasteries:

  • Spinning Harpoon = Eivor performs a spinning attack that can be combined with other harpoon-based abilities. Enemies caught in the spin are knocked back
  • Percussion Arrow = Hit an enemy’s Shield to create a shockwave that staggers and damages nearby enemies.
  • Precision Axe Throw = Eivor performs a devastating axe throw that targets an enemy’s weak point.

Rune Perk Changes

  • Targeted Rune socketing – This update means that RUNES will only affect the weapon they are socketed in, allowing players to create more targeted loadouts. For example, you could fill your left-hand weapon with Attack runes and your right-hand weapon with Stun runes so that both weapons have very different effects.
  • Some stats will stay global (example: Assassination damages, Fire damages, etc.).
  • No changes have been made to Runes slotted on armor; they will still impact your character as a whole.
  • Perk & Rune Perk Cap removal – We also removed the CAP that prevented Perks & Rune Perks (diamond shape) effects from stacking beyond a certain threshold.
  • Players will now always see the impact of their Perks and be able to create more specialized loadouts.

Difficulty Setting Adjustments

Added Aesir (Nightmare) combat difficulty to the game.

  • +200% damages received
  • Standard damage inflicted
  • -40% rations heal
  • -38% Parry timing windows

Players will now heal according to their selected difficulty setting:

  • Easy & Default = 100%
  • Hard = 80%
  • Very Hard = 60%
  • Nightmare = 60%

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