Atomic Heart Guide – All Blueprint Locations

Shotgun Shells (Type: Ammo) Located in the Breakroom where you first meet Nora. You can find it in a chest in between Nora and the next save point/terminal. MP Ammo
(Type: Ammo) Head towards the stairs after leaving the upper level Breakroom of the Seed Bank. Kalash Rounds
(Type: Ammo) At the Forester Village, there is a cabin building with the number 3 sign. You’ll have to unlock a locked door to grab the blueprint for the ammo. Fat Boy Rockets
(Type: Ammo) At Scientific Testing Ground 1, on a staircase that leads to the first magnetic room. Fire Cartridge
(Type: Cartridge) Outside the upper level Seed Bank Breakroom. You’ll find the blueprint next to the forklift robot. Electric Cartridge
(Type: Cartridge) You can find the blueprint in the Algae Breakroom chest. Ice Cartridge
(Type: Cartridge) After entering the Hot Workshop, facelift and descend through the floor. Once you enter the room with plants, you’ll find the blueprint hidden in a red chest, right in the center of the room. Small Neuromed Capsule
(Type: Consumable) Don’t check the objective while you’re inside the Vavilov Complex: Office. Keep walking until you cross the elevators and you’ll find the blueprint located in a chest in the second Breakroom. Medium Neuromed Capsule
(Type: Consumable) After exiting the upper level Seed Bank Breakroom, dash jump over the broken down catwalk. Search for the blueprint once you’re up there. Dynamo
(Type: Consumable) The blueprint is located in a chest in the hot Workshop Hallways Breakroom. Adrenaline Capsule
(Type: Consumable) Turn towards your right after entering the Hot Workshop. Enter the Assembly Workshop. Look for a hole in the wall. You’ll find the consumable in a chest next to it. Large Neuromod Capsule
(Type: Consumable) The chest is in a place like Snowball – Handle. When you are heading to the Lesnaya Station, find a red house with round windows on your right. The chest is on the building’s top. Electro
(Type: Consumable) On your way to Lesnaya Station, you’ll come across several wheat fields and a farmhouse near them. The chest is located within the farmhouse. Swede – Handle
(Type: Upgrade) The blueprint is located in a chest in the Breakroom. You can find this after opening the first magnetic door in the Vavilov Complex. KS-23 Electromagnetic Barrel
(Type: Upgrade) You can find this chest in the Terminal Breakroom, which is located in the tunnels of the Vavilov Complex. Electro – EMP Gnerator
(Type: Upgrade) The Electro – EMP Generator upgrade blueprint is in a large chest inside a safe room. To get there, go to the Seed Bank in the Vavilov Complex and turn right. Pashtet – Blade Flight
(Type: Upgrade) The Pashtet – Blade blueprint is located in a chest in the Hot Workshop Breakroom. Snowball – Handle
(Type: Upgrade) While on your way to Volan via the first gate in Forester Village, enter the red house. The blueprint is located on the balcony of the house. Fox – Handle
(Type: Upgrade) Once you’ve exited the Breakroom in Scientific Testing Ground 1, you’ll find the blueprint on your way down the hall. MP – Expansive Converter
(Type: Upgrade) After crossing the blue truck and going through the boiler room of Scientific Testing Ground 1, you will reach the offices. There, you will need to search for a magnetic door and go through it. The upgrade is in a room down a hallway, just after the magnetic door. KS – 23 Extended Magazine
(Type: Upgrade) Once you’re done with the second magnetic puzzle room in Scientific Testing Ground 1, lower the platform close to the broken door until you see the laser puzzle. Open the door by solving the puzzle and enter it to find the Golden Comrade Lootyagin and the blueprint. Zvezdochka – Saw Dance
(Type: Upgrade) The blueprint for this upgrade lies close to the KS-23. MP – Extended Magazine
(Type: Upgrade) After you’re done with the first puzzle located in Scientific Testing Ground 6, cross the pumps. You’ll find a Bronze Lootyagin in the back room along with the blueprint. Kalash – Collimator
(Type: Upgrade) Enter through the turbine pipes after the turbine flight in Scientific Testing Ground 6. You’ll find the blueprint at the end of the path, close to the exit. Zvezdochka – Handle
(Type: Upgrade) In Scientific Testing Ground 6, head towards the third puzzle. The blueprint is in the room to the left of the puzzle. Electro – Resisting Robots
(Type: Upgrade) In Scientific Testing Ground 6, head towards the exit elevator. The blueprint is located to the left of the elevator. Snowball – Auger
(Type: Upgrade) It’s located in the same location as the weapon Electro.

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