Atomic Heart on Current-Gen Runs at “Solid” 4K/60 FPS in Dungeons, “Mostly” 4K/60 FPS in Open World

Atomic Heart

Mundfish’s Atomic Heart is still several weeks away but continues to impress, whether it’s the latest trailer with ray-traced visuals or the leaked gameplay from a seemingly older build. However, the question is: How will the game run on consoles?

The developer already assured “mind-blowing optimization” on PS4 and Xbox One, but what about Xbox Series X/S and PS5? On Twitter, it revealed that the game runs at a “solid” 60 FPS and 4K resolution in dungeons. In the open world, it’s “mostly” 4K with a dynamic resolution and 60 FPS. Of course, these would be the numbers for Xbox Series X and PS5 – Xbox Series S remains unconfirmed.

For those with a Steam Deck wondering if Atomic Heart will be playable on the handheld at launch, Mundfish said it would “try to make it available day one” but can’t confirm it yet. Check out the PC requirements here, which are pretty generous (4K/60 FPS and ray tracing requirements not included).

Atomic Heart releases on February 21st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Head here for more details on what to expect.

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