Back 4 Blood Delayed to October 12th, Open Beta Coming in Summer

The co-op zombie shooter was originally slated for June.

back 4 blood

The season of delays continues with Turtle Rock Studios’ co-op shooter Back 4 Blood joining the pack. Originally slated for June 22nd, it will now be releasing on October 12th. In an official tweet, the developer stated that it needed more time to make the “best game it can possibly be at launch.”

Fortunately, there will be an open beta this Summer so there’s something to look forward to. A closed alpha took place in December 2020 and provided a look at the game’s mechanics. While Back 4 Blood uses an AI Director like Left 4 Dead, it adds cards into the mix as well.

These cards can provide unique benefits for players like increased melee damage, headshot damage, running speed and more. However, the AI Director can also play some Corruption Cards, adding more enemies, decreasing visibility with fog and so on. Back 4 Blood is currently in development for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details on its open beta in the coming months.

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