Baldur’s Gate 3 – Patch 4 is Now Live, Adds Druid Class

Loaded Dice, Speak With Dead cinematics and many, many quality of life features also added.

Baldur's Gate 3_08

Larian Studios’ biggest patch yet for Baldur’s Gate 3 is now live. “Nature’s Power” adds the Druid Class which can take transform into different animals like wolves, cats, badgers and more. Circle of the Land allows for picking a biome and gaining more spells while Circle of the moon allows one to become the Polar Bear and enhances the power of Wild Shapes.

The patch is full of other quality of life changes and improvements, like Loaded Dice. These help prevent the constant misfortune that can result from dice roll RNG and “smooth out the extremes.” It can be toggled on for those who find pure RNG too punishing or random.

Speak With Dead has been made more cinematic and there are plenty of new corpses to speak to. There are also numerous improvements to lighting and animation throughout Act 1, though the developer insists that “loads of improvements” are still coming. Other changes include being able to target allies or enemies via clicking on their portraits; being able to see other players’ inventory, equipment and character sheets in multiplayer; dedicated torch and flee buttons; and much more. Check out some of the changes below.

Patch 4 – Nature’s Power


  • Dice rolls are now weighted to avoid streaks of success or failure. This affects attack rolls and saving throws, as well as active rolls within dialogues.
  • Updated speak with dead cinematic dialogs with VFX and animations.
  • Added more polish to overall cinematics.
  • Added a dedicated button that allows party members to escape a combat encounter. To use it, a character needs to be 27m away from the nearest enemy.
  • Several new custom animations were added for animals during cinematic scenes.
  • NPCs now react more aggressively when being attacked by summoned creatures.
  • Added Razer Chroma support.
  • Improved lighting in several key locations and in specific cutscenes.
    Split large pak files into smaller chunks. This will allow future patches to be smaller in download and install size. This does mean that this patch will be a much larger initial download.
  • Reskinned several interface screens:
    -Character Tooltips
    -Main Menu and Profile Menu
    -Surface and cloud tooltips
    -Death saving throw
    -Container UIs
  • Improved performance in the Options UI and restructured it.
  • Improved pathfinding around other characters.
  • Gith now have proper Gith weapons.
  • The Flaming Fist now have a shield with their coat of arms.
  • Improved navigation around the village windmill.
  • Added Cross Play through direct connect with Mac version.

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