Bandai Namco Files Trademark For “Bandai Namco Next”

A possible Direct-like video could be coming from the Japanese publisher.

bandai namco

Bandai Namco is one of the major Japanese gaming publishers with their fingers in a lot of pies. Not only do they release quite a lot of original and classic IP titles, they have a ton of Japanese anime licenses they continuously work on. Now it also seems they could have some event planned based on a new trademark.

As reported by VG24/7, a trademark was spotted from the company called  “Bandai Namco Next,” which has since been removed. It was filed in December of last year. There was not much information about whatever it was, but the speculation is that it could be a digital event in the style of a Nintendo Direct or Sony State of Play due to the naming convention. 

Bandai Namco has several high profile titles in the wings, with maybe the biggest being Elden Ring, which is rumored to be re-revealed soon, as well as the action game Scarlet Nexus, hitting this summer, and next month’s Guilty Gear Strive. There definitely is no lacking of titles on their part, so a video of this nature would not be hard to imagine.

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