Battlefield 2042 Gets New Trailer Detailing Battle of Nordvik Event, Starts on December 20

Battlefield 2042

Publisher EA and developer DICE have released a new trailer for Battlefield 2042, detailing the Battle of Nordvik event. The limited-time event will take place over the span of 3 weeks. Check out the trailer below.

The Battle of Nordvik event will feature 3 experiences that players an play through, with the first week kicking things off with the Assault on Nordvik experience.

Assault on Nordvik will feature a game in the Conquest Assault game mode featuring 64 players duking it out on behalf of their team. Air vehicles will not be available in this mode.

Week 2 will kick off Defense of Nordvik, which will feature a 16v16 Retribution mode. Capping this off in week 3 will be the Liberation of Nordvik, which will feature the 64v64 Breakthrough Chaos mode, which is set to be a faster, harder version of the regular game mode.

Battlefield 2042‘s Battle of Nordvik event is set to kick off on December 20, and will go on until January 10.

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