Battlefield 2042’s Final Release Will Include Several Features Missing from the Beta

Battlefield 2042 - Hazard Zone

In a recent blog post on EA‘s official website, Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has ensured that various features missing from the beta will be present in the final release. In the blog post, the developer also re-iterated that the beta version was an older build of the game.

Features such as the Ping system, Big Map, and more will be present in the final release, which should be a sigh of relief for concerned fans.

“Big Map as we refer to it internally, was disabled,” the developer explained. “Some of you spotted it in the Key Bindings, and many of you simply expected it based on past behaviours in Battlefield games. We have it in our builds today. You’ll be able to pull this up at any time during live gameplay, by pressing the View/Touchpad button on Console, or M on PC [4,165 articles]” href=””>PC. It provides an immediate overview of where the battles are taking place, where your squad mates are fighting, and the live breakdown of how the flags are flying inside of each sector.”

“Ping wasn’t working as well as we would have liked during the Open Beta, but at launch, you can expect it function more responsively when you’re pinging locations, assets, and enemy soldiers.”

Concerns and excitement both keep mounting on as Battlefield 2042 draws near to release. The game’s open beta’s impressions have been all over the place, with some fans liking it while others are criticizing the many the rough state the beta was in.

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