Battlefield 2042’s PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Standard Editions Will Also Include Last-Gen Versions

Battlefield 2042

EA has just made a change to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 2042. The game’s standard edition is priced at $70, but will now also include PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, as reported by VG247.

The cross-gen versions of the game were previously available only for the Gold and Ultimate editions. It’s certainly a sensible move on EA’s behalf. Battlefield 2042‘s current-gen console versions will feature a number of graphical enhancements, alongside other enhancements such as 128 player matches. While this purchase is still costlier than the $60 last-gen versions of the game, it’s good to know that it is at least an option for those who want it, and options are never a bad thing.

Battlefield 2042‘s open beta is available to download now as well, and it’ll be interesting to where the general consensus for the game largely lands ahead of its launch on November 19.

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