Battlefield 6 – More Screenshots Have Leaked from the Upcoming Reveal Trailer

Only the umpteenth Battlefield 6 leak this week, right?

battlefield 5

It seems like we get a new Battlefield 6 leak every day these days. The next instalment in EA and DICE’s first person shooter series is going to be revealed soon, but fans of the series have been getting impatient, and what that’s led to, as impatience almost always does, is leaks. We’ve seen a few screenshots (of pretty bad quality) from the game’s as-of-yet unseen reveal trailer already, and now, a bunch more have surfaced.

As spotted over on Reddit, several screencaps from the Battlefield 6 trailer have been leaked online. Though they’re of a better quality than most of what’s been leaked up until now, they’re still not exactly sharp, while there’s also a giant annoying watermark that obscures a big chunk of the images. Either way, for the impatient fans out there, I guess it’s something. Take a look through the Reddit link above.

Battlefield 6 is going to be revealed in June, EA has confirmed, and we can assume that more details on the game will be shared at EA Play Live in July. The game will launch for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC, and as EA recently confirmed, contrary to recent rumours, it will also release for PS4 and Xbox One.

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