Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Video Reveals Gameplay Details About Viola

bayonetta 3 viola

Leading up to Bayonetta 3‘s October 28 release, Game Informer has released a video for the game as part of its coverage, giving us an in-depth look at its newest playable character—Viola. Check out the video below.

Viola is an Umbra witch-in-training in Bayonetta 3. The fact that she isn’t already an experienced fighter becomes evident in her general gameplay style. Viola’s fighting style relies more on the brute strength of her untapped potential, rather than the finesse of the fighting style Bayonetta shows off.

Differences in Viola’s gameplay from Bayonetta’s include aspects like being able to only use her katana in fights. Bayonetta, for contrast, is able to use a wide variety of weaponry as she progresses through the game.

As for ranged options, Viola opts to use throwing knives to extend her combos in long-range encounters, rather than using guns. Viola is also able to summon her demonic cat-like companion, Cheshire.

Another major difference is how Viola uses Witch Time. Where Bayonetta accesses Witch Time—sending enemies into slow-motion—by dodging attacks with precise timing, Viola uses Witch Time by blocking attacks with her sword with precise timing.

Bayonetta 3 will be releasing exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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