Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Still Several Years Away, Could Release In 2024 – Rumour

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ubisoft’s upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2 has long been in development with little to no updates for a long time. However, a reputable industry insider has seemingly provided some information on the matter, along with a speculative release date for the game.

Tom Henderson recently took to Twitter, stating that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still several years away, according to one developer working on the game. According to Henderson, the game might be releasing sometime in 2024 and 2025. He also clarified that the developer reached out to him in response to his previous tweets about the game.

Just yesterday, Henderson also revealed that the game was suffering from a development crisis, largely because of a lack of creative direction since game director Michel Ancel left Ubisoft in September 2020. He also stated that it was heading towards an inevitable cancellation. What actually becomes of Beyond Good and Evil 2 remains to be seen for now, although given the current state of things, it seems best to keep expectations in check.

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