Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Highlights Updated Cinematics In New Trailer

Get a look at what to expect from this adventure game’s newest remaster.

Blade Runner Enhanced

1982’s Blade Runner is an interesting case study in film. Initially, it was a flop, but it managed to capture the imagination enough to continue to be influential for years to come and even spawned several continuations. One of those was 1997’s adventure game, simply entitled Blade Runner. That game was largely acclaimed, and was recently announced to get a remaster by Nightdive Studios. We now get a look at what to expect in the game’s many cinematics.

The latest trailer shows a comparison between the original release and the upcoming Enhanced Edition. The game always had a pretty sharp style, so the original doesn’t look bad, but the framerate change (going from 15FPS to 60FPS) is incredibly noticeable and the resolution bump cleans things up. Despite sharing the name of the film, the game is actually a sidequel that intersects with the movie’s plot and features the likeness of some in the film’s cast.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is set to release this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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