Borderlands 3 – Season Pass 2 Confirmed, Contains Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut

New Skill Trees and Arms Race mode arrive on November 10th.

Borderlands 3 Designer's Cut

Gearbox Software had promised new content for Borderlands 3 later this year but hadn’t committed to a new Season Pass. It’s since confirmed Season Pass 2 which contains the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut add-ons. The former is out on November 10th while the latter launches in Spring 2021.

While the Director’s Cut content has yet to be outlined, the Designer’s Cut includes a new Skill Tree for each Vault Hunter along with the new Arms Race mode. Details on both have yet to be revealed, which Gearbox is going to rectify starting on October 20th. It will host a stream at 9 AM PT showcasing the new Skill Trees for Amara and FL4K.

On October 22nd at the same time, it’s Moze and Zane that get the spotlight with their new Skill Trees. October 29th will see Arms Race revealed while October 30th will feature a live play-through of the mode. Season Pass 2 will also include new looks for each of the Vault Hunters, though it’s price is yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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