Bravely Default 2 Gets First Japanese TV Commercial, Focused On Story

A brief snippet of next week’s release.

bravely default 2

We’re a week away from the release of Bravely Default 2. The game is a long awaited sequel to the RPG series that began on the 3DS. It’s a throwback in many ways to old school Final Fantasy, both in its combat and chibi art style. We’ve seen quite a lot of the game, from its battle system to the cast of characters you’ll encounter. Now we get the first taste of how the marketing will deal with the RPG.

The first Japanese commercial for the game has popped up. It’s brief, running at only a minute, but gives you an idea of how they’ll be presenting the title. It focuses on the story and characters, with small snippets of the turn-based combat. It is, however, in Japanese. You can use closed captions, but it seems that only translates the song playing over the footage. There is a bit of new footage here, however, if you are a non-Japanese speaker.

Bravely Default 2 is set to release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch February 26th. If you’re not sold on the game just yet, we have everything you may want to know about it through here.

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