Bravely Default 2 Has Been Rated in Australia

The RPG is currently slated for a launch some time this year.

bravely default 2

Nintendo’s 2020 lineup has been rather weak, especially in comparison to what previous years have looked like for the Switch, but there have been some bright spots here and there. Some of those are still to come, and one of those is Bravely Default 2. Announced last year exclusively for the Switch, the game has had a vague 2020 window for a while, but neither Square Enix nor Nintendo have really given a firm release date for it.

Now, however, it seems that might be close. As spotted by Gematsu on Twitter, the old-school RPG was recently handed an age rating by the Australian classification board. Why’s that significant? Well, more often than not, games get age ratings only when they’re close to launch, and if that is indeed the case for Bravely Default 2, an announcement for its exact release date shouldn’t be terribly far away.

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee either, so tread with caution for now. Either way, we’ll keep you updated should we learn anything more, so stay tuned.

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