Bright Memory Coming to Xbox Series X on November 10th

The original version will arrive on the console before Bright Memory Infinite.

Bright Memory

FYQD has released a new trailer for Bright Memory, confirming its release for Xbox Series X on November 10th. This isn’t Bright Memory Infinite though – it’s the original demo for Bright Memory before FYQD-Studio went about reworking it into a full game. It was released as Bright Memory: Episode 1 but is now available for PC as Bright Memory.

The first person shooter/hack and slash title focuses on Sheila, who finds herself combat various reanimated beasts and enemies on ancient island. Though Sheila can employ various firearms, she’s also capable of slicing enemies apart with a sword. Combining these together makes for some Devil May Cry-style combos.

Though Bright Memory is out in November for Xbox Series X, Bright Memory Infinite doesn’t currently have a release date. On PC, owners of the original Bright Memory will receive Infinite for free. Will this same practice carry over to Xbox Series X? Time will tell so stay tuned for more details.

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