Bugsnax Developer Would “Love to Bring the Game to Other Platforms”

“But we haven’t decided or announced what those are yet,” says programmer Kevin Geisler.


Bugsnax may not have been the most high profile PS5 launch title, but it certainly got its fair share of attention- not only because of its unique and interesting premise, but also because, as it turned out, it was a genuinely fun game. Currently only available on PlayStation and PC, those playing on other platforms have been wondering whether the game could make its way over to other consoles as well. And that’s certainly something the developers would love to do.

Speaking during a recent Reddit AMA, when asked about a potential Nintendo Switch version, the developers said that developer Young Horses “would love” to bring the game to more platforms, but they haven’t yet made any decisions about that either way.

“We have no specific plans right now, but we’d love to bring the game to other platforms,” wrote sound designer Seth Parke.

Programmer Kevin Geisler also chimed in, giving a similar response. He wrote: “We’re hoping to bring Bugsnax to more platforms, but we haven’t decided or announced what those are yet.”

Bugsnax is a game that would fit rather well on the Switch, and I’m sure it would see plenty of success as a Game Pass title if it ever makes its way over to Xbox, so here’s hoping that ends up happening sooner rather than later.

Currently, Bugsnax is available on PS5, PS4, and PC.

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