Call Of Duty 2021 Confirmed To Be Cross-Gen And Still Planned For Fourth Quarter Release

Well, to say the least, Activision has been in the news quite a lot over the last month. The company seems to be in the midst of maybe the biggest PR firestorm we’ve ever seen in the gaming world, or at least the biggest one in recent memory. How that will impact the company, or not impact it, remains to be seen. However, despite the current environment, business goes on, and today we got confirmation that the one thing you can count on is still happening as planned.

In an earnings call earlier today, and as detailed by the folks at VGC, President and COO of Activision Daniel Alegre confirmed that the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise is still very much on track to release in the last quarter of 2021. Little details were offered, only that it will be cross-gen, which is probably no surprise, and that it would be returning to a setting that we ‘know and love.’

“Our teams remain hard at work on the next new premium Call of Duty release, planned for the fourth quarter,” he said. “From a setting that our fans know and love to an incredible amount of content in development including an extensive live ops schedule, we believe this release will be incredibly well received.

“In addition to launching a great seamless experience for both current and next-gen console players, we are focused on continuing to integrate Warzone and engaging our direct relationship with our player base through even deeper content integration between the premium and free experiences and substantial innovation coming within Warzone itself.”

The current rumor is that the game will be revealed later this month with the potential name of Vanguard. If rumors are accurate it will return to a World War 2 setting and be developed by Sledgehammer Games, who also developed Call of Duty: WWII, the last game in the series to share that setting.

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