Cassette Beasts Update Adds Multiplayer, Cross-Play, Raids, and More

cassette beasts

When it launched last year, Cassette Beasts was praised widely by the vast majority of those who played it as an accomplished Pokemon-inspired RPG, and it’s now expanded its horizons in significant fashion with some additions that players have been hoping to see in the game for some time now.

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Bytten Studio have announced that Cassette Beasts has added multiplayer with its latest update. In particular, the update now lets you battle other players 1v1, trade cassette tapes with friends, team up for co-op raid battles known as Rogue Fusions, and even party up in squads of as many as eight players to explore the world together.

What’s more, cross-play is supported across all versions of the game. Check out the trailer below for more details and for glimpses of what the game’s multiplayer additions look like.

Cassette Beasts is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android. The game is also available via Game Pass.

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