Chorus Dev Diary Explains the Developers’ Vision for the Game

Fishlabs talk about the shooters’ story, gameplay, characters, and more.

Deep Silver and developers Fishlabs have been almost entirely silent about their upcoming space combat shooter Chorus since revealing it earlier this year. Recently, we got a very brief but still pretty slick-looking gameplay trailer at Gamescom, and now, Fishlabs have also released a developer diary, in which members of the game’s development team talk about various aspects of the experience.

Describing it as an “evolution of space combat shooters”, the developers emphasize its dark tone and story and its mysterious world. In the video, various members of the dev team lay down the foundations for Chorus’ narrative premise, its central characters, its primary antagonists, and more. There’s also some gameplay footage spliced here and there in the video, but most of it seems to be repurposed older gameplay footage. At any rate, there are some interesting details about the game in there, so take a look below.

Chorus launches for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Stadia some time in 2021.

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