Clock Tower Might Get a Revival – Rumours

clock tower

With many classic survival horror games being brought to a new generation thanks to remakes, we might be seeing a revival of the classic Clock Tower series of horror games as well. According to Dusk Golem—an industry insider specialising in horror titles—Clock Tower was one of the games expected to be present during a recent Sunsoft announcement stream.

However, the stream has since come and gone, and there was no mention of Clock Tower by the publisher. Dusk Golem took to Twitter, stating that they expected a Clock Tower game developed by WayForward to be part fo the announcement stream.

As is the case with all insiders and rumours, it is worth noting that Dusk Golem’s leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. Like many other insiders, Dusk Golem has a track record with unannounced horror titles that both support him, as well as detract from his reputation.

Clock Tower is a series of classic horror titles that were originally developed by Human Entertainment. The games were released on the SNES and PlayStation platforms. While not as famous as the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises, the Clock Tower franchise had its own dedicated fan base. Sunsoft has since acquired the Clock Tower franchise after the bankruptcy of the original studio behind the games.

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