Codemasters Cheshire Working on the Next Need for Speed – Rumor

Next Need for Speed

The next Need for Speed title, developed by Criterion Games and summarily delayed so that the studio could help DICE with Battlefield 2042, is rumored to be releasing this year. Electronic Arts reportedly expects it to launch in September/October, according to insider Tom Henderson. But it seems that Criterion will also be supported with its development.

According to Henderson in a new tweet, Codemasters Cheshire is becoming a support studio for the next Need for Speed. The studio is perhaps best known for being the success to Evolution Studios, which developed Motorstorm and Driveclub before eventually releasing Onrush under Deep Silver. It would subsequently develop DiRT 5. While we advise taking this rumor with a grain of salt, Henderson has been fairly on the money with leaks and reports.

This doesn’t exactly narrow down the scope or level of realism that the next Need for Speed will have. Time will ultimately tell how it pans out and whether the studio serving as support was always the plan or a last-minute decision to meet deadlines. Stay tuned for an official announcement sometime in the coming months.

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