Control Developer Shares 2020’s Stats For Deaths, Furniture Thrown, And More

And you all threw a lot of furniture.

2019’s Control was quite the special game. From Remedy Entertainment, the developers of such beloved gems as Alan Wake and the Max Payne series, it was in many ways an accumulation of all of their various themes and gameplay mechanics. While it seemed to start of to something of a slow start, the game ended up doing pretty well for itself. Despite releasing in 2019, the game saw plenty of attention in 2020 with expansion packs, being on Xbox Game Pass and an Ultimate Edition re-release. Remedy also was keen to show off what everyone did that year, too.

The developer shared an infographic of what was done in 2020, and there’s quite a lot of stats there. The game was beaten 552,643 times, but Jesse was defeated by 58,910,239 enemies. Probably the biggest stat, unsurprisingly, is the crazy amount of furniture that got thrown around with a staggering 1,847,145,550 items getting slung around the place. You can see the full stats below.

Control: Ultimate Edition, which collects the base game and all DLC, is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version is scheduled to come February 2nd.

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