Control: Ultimate Edition Requires One-Time Online Connection On Xbox One/Xbox Series X Physical Copy

But not for the PlayStation versions.

2019’s Control is one of Remedy Entertainment’s finest works, managing to combine their many different themes and gameplay styles into one great game. It’s coming to next gen, too, with the Ultimate Edition. It’s caused something of a stir as the only way to get an upgrade from current systems to next gen is to get the Ultimate Edition. Well, that is what it is, but some were also puzzled when the boxart came out for said Ultimate Edition and the Xbox version was said to require internet, though that was absent from the PS4 one. What gives? Well, it seems if you’re going physical on the Xbox side, you’ll need internet at least once.

Publisher 505 Games confirmed that the Xbox physical edition, which will include both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions, will require one-time internet access. The reason is that the full campaign data could not fit on a single disc. Oddly, as mentioned above, this is not the case for the PS4 disc (that will also allow you to upgrade to the PS5 version), due to compression and “other variables.” A bit strange, but there you go.

Control: Ultimate Edition is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions set to come at those respective console launches. It includes the full base game and all DLC, including the most recent expansion. The vanilla release of Control is also available on those same platforms, but it does not include a free or paid upgrade path to next gen versions.

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